Month: April 2014

Knowing we deserve to feel Respected

When we feel we are not being treated exactly the way we should be one of the first places we go is to blame ourselves. Why do we do this? Why is it our fault that someone else isn’t giving us what we deserve? That is the key word: deserve. A lot of the time we don’t even know what we deserve let alone think that we deserve to be respected. It is an enormous issue to be so wrapped up and focused on someone else’s behaviors, actions and reactions that we forget to worry about our own. Correction: it is not that we are really forgetting to think about ourselves, rather, we actively choose to ignore and avoid our own problems because it is much more difficult to look in the mirror and see a person whom we do not completely love. We cannot and will never be able to change another person’s behaviors, views or beliefs. Therefore, it is important to remember that trying to do so will only end in severe frustration. Instead, take a minute to really examine yourself and see your own soul through crystal clear lenses. Sometimes we focus on others to avoid what negative aspects we may be recognizing in them that we know we posses. After all, most of the time we date or connect most with others who reflect our own beliefs about ourselves whether good or bad. In this case, we need to be very cautious about getting too comfortable with this and go outside of our comfort zone to really know and establish our rigid boundaries. When we get used to being treated a certain way, we find comfort in it, which can be very dangerous if it is treatment that further reinforces a negative self-image. Why do we even allow ourselves to feel comfortable and familiarize ourselves with the unwanted feeling. The feeling that we are bothering someone else and being a burden on their happiness. Why do we see and struggle so much with our own characteristics being what others love and cherish? When we can’t look at ourselves and accept what we see we cannot feel fully happy or accepted by others. Before anyone can respect you, you need to respect yourself. Once you do that, it will be impossible for anyone around you to show you disrespect because in the end, you know you best. You also will then love you best. When you can be your own best friend and truly love who you know and believe you are, you will then resonate and attract positive and beautiful energy all around you.





The Universe Works in Mysterious Ways…

current-of-infinite-energy-300x300Just when we think we have it all figured out something comes in the way of our happiness making us feel there is something wrong. Call it a gut feeling, an instinct, a vibe, but at the end of the day our souls have a way of telling us deep down where there are green or red lights signaling whether or not we shall proceed. We can easily glance into our past mistakes and knowingly move forward with the thought to not repeat them while having full awareness. However, even with that awareness, we cannot change because we need to take action. When you think you may have found a great thing, and it may actually be great, buried underneath we find some issues. Way deep below the surface we find some of the exact same issues we were faced with in our past mistakes. We may have decided we were going to learn our lesson, but when that lesson comes back, a signal goes on in our heads telling us we have not yet fully achieved that lesson- because it comes back until we do. This time, the lesson came back in disguise. The lesson was there, but it was much lighter and less severe than the others. We know now, we are getting closer to the goal of learning this hard lesson that we keep being faced with. The universe has strange ways of throwing us these lessons whether we are ready, want it, or expect it. This time, we still have the power to change our patterns and not repeat the past mistakes. Even though, this time, the mistake is very diluted, it is still important we recognize what is in front of us. The opportunity we have to grow and evolve this time even further is astounding. When we know we can grow from this it is the most powerfully emotional feeling. This time we will walk away, this time we will walk where we can put our shoulders back and know we showed ourselves respect. The universe sends us lessons and messages and it is up to us what we do with them. Just remember, if your lesson comes back, it is up to you how you choose to handle it. If you handle it the same way, you still haven’t fully changed your pattern. Especially know that if it comes back and you notice it isn’t as hard as last time, you are getting somewhere. You can see the light and it is shining. It always will shine and you have the power to keep it shining even brighter.