Quotes by Me

“There’s always more fish in the sea, but there is always going be that one fish with the rainbow scales that is really worth catching.”

“If you want to be treated right, first you have to believe you deserve it, then you have to demand it.”

“Life is all about learning lessons and each time you think you have learned enough or the most you could after a tragedy, you have not. There is so much to learn that each day is a new day and there are new things to constantly be learning and expanding knowledge. Life can seem very unfair at times and it can even seem that it is falling apart- but there are brighter days and a bright future ahead because within each moment comes the next and that much can change in that little amount of time.”

“Exceeding your dreams is so possible if you just remember who you are and believe that what you want with life is also your purpose in life.”

“Whenever you lose faith in yourself, remember that you have already gone through something so difficult and that now you are capable of doing just anything, and if you stay strong enough you will get through it.”

“When you work hard for positive things, they will come. Open your mind to what you want and it will come.”

“All you can ever do is give your all and be yourself. Handing that to someone may be extremely difficult and vulnerable, but in the end, people will see you for you.”

“I won’t let you get in my head, not again, not this time. I have let you get the best of me-even make me question my own self-worth-that is done. You don’t affect me anymore and I wish you the best, bless your heart.”

“When you realize your gut feeling was right all along, instead of feeling bad for not listening to it, be happy you recognized how powerful it was.”

“When you don’t learn your lesson, it just comes back even harder. The first step is awareness, when that is not enough you must make a change.”

“I sit and think all the time, about my life and where i’ve come. It’s never a secret how far I climb, just to feel safe and not numb- to my emotions and the way you make me feel.”

“There is something profound about standing up for yourself and having self-respect. When you do so, you are further proving to yourself how strong you are- anyone who doesn’t appreciate that does not deserve you in their life.”

“Instead of feeling numb, constant rejection only feels surprisingly worse each time.”

“When you become aware of a negative pattern you are repeating, you now hold the power to change it-regaining control over yourself and respecting yourself even greater.”


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