The Universe Works in Mysterious Ways…

current-of-infinite-energy-300x300Just when we think we have it all figured out something comes in the way of our happiness making us feel there is something wrong. Call it a gut feeling, an instinct, a vibe, but at the end of the day our souls have a way of telling us deep down where there are green or red lights signaling whether or not we shall proceed. We can easily glance into our past mistakes and knowingly move forward with the thought to not repeat them while having full awareness. However, even with that awareness, we cannot change because we need to take action. When you think you may have found a great thing, and it may actually be great, buried underneath we find some issues. Way deep below the surface we find some of the exact same issues we were faced with in our past mistakes. We may have decided we were going to learn our lesson, but when that lesson comes back, a signal goes on in our heads telling us we have not yet fully achieved that lesson- because it comes back until we do. This time, the lesson came back in disguise. The lesson was there, but it was much lighter and less severe than the others. We know now, we are getting closer to the goal of learning this hard lesson that we keep being faced with. The universe has strange ways of throwing us these lessons whether we are ready, want it, or expect it. This time, we still have the power to change our patterns and not repeat the past mistakes. Even though, this time, the mistake is very diluted, it is still important we recognize what is in front of us. The opportunity we have to grow and evolve this time even further is astounding. When we know we can grow from this it is the most powerfully emotional feeling. This time we will walk away, this time we will walk where we can put our shoulders back and know we showed ourselves respect. The universe sends us lessons and messages and it is up to us what we do with them. Just remember, if your lesson comes back, it is up to you how you choose to handle it. If you handle it the same way, you still haven’t fully changed your pattern. Especially know that if it comes back and you notice it isn’t as hard as last time, you are getting somewhere. You can see the light and it is shining. It always will shine and you have the power to keep it shining even brighter.





Letting Go

Sometimes there comes a moment where we need to decide instantly to do what we have been fearing to do. It can seem that what we want most is the one thing we may do that can turn our whole life perspective around. If your powerful gut is leading you toward making a decision it is probably happening for a reason. There are certain opportunities placed into our paths for a specific purpose. It can be confusing since we must overcome several obstacles keeping us from our goal sometimes only allowing us to see the negative aspects of things. However, that is going to end because after that bad is going to be the opportunity that was destined to be set aside for you. The only way to move forward with growth is to let go of the one thing that is holding you back. In order to stop continuing certain cycles we must make changes within ourselves, behaviors and beliefs. If we don’t stop to acknowledge the growth in ourselves we may become oblivious to the fact that certain relationships or opportunities we took or held onto are in our way. We must let go, let go of what we are holding so tightly onto. After all, symbolically, we are tightly grasping what we are afraid we may not find again, but open doors and new things can only occur when there is room for them. Letting go is a very important step toward success. We must let go of what we think we cannot have anymore if it is causing negative energy all around us.

Growing from Mistakes and the Unknown Road Post-Graduation


unknown roadWhen we make mistakes we need to get right back up because those mistakes are hidden gems. It is in those mistakes we find out who we are and in that process of fixing those wrongdoings we learn the most. As we pick ourselves back up, we are still looking backward, and cannot fully look ahead, which is the tricky part. The future is and always will be unknown, but that is also the beauty in each and everyday. Each day brings that opportunity to change even the smallest things about our lives or ourselves. Constant change is the magic that binds us all together in the end. As we keep evolving we not only grow stronger internally, but our souls begin to see in a much sharper light. This awareness in changing behavior may bring about a new chapter, whether it is what we desire or not, we know life will continue to unravel and in that awareness we can move forward as altered souls.

Sometimes in life we have these blank slate moments where it almost seems things are coming together. Weirdly enough, things we build up in our heads to be a huge deal may end up not affecting us in the negative ways we imagined. Then why, may we even scold ourselves from the start? Why can’t we just dive in to do the things we feel we really want? Why are we taking so many steps back in life to evaluate situations? It is important to be rational, but at the same time we need to go for the things that we want. If we never try we will never know.

This follows upon graduation occurring at an all at once moment. Just like that, we will have graduated from the place we have called home for the past four years. To say we are scared is an understatement, but why ARE we scared? What is it that we are really afraid of? Although there are several downfalls we may face, didn’t all of those exist throughout college too? Didn’t anything we have ever been fearful of take place at one point during our lives? The idea of needing to have a plan is not always the solution. After all, life is not going to remain the same everyday. The future is unknown so we must choose to live one day at a time. That is very difficult, but in doing so, we give ourselves the chance to figure out what journeys we wish to take. As we venture out in finding our passions and fighting to follow our dreams, let us remember, there is nothing to fear but the fact that we choose to fear. Let this be a way for us to confidently explore the real world that we live in. It is important we challenge ourselves to do the things we thought we couldn’t. Aim high because you never know if you would not have gotten the chance to do so. Work hard, connect with those around you, and love strong. If you find love don’t be afraid to connect with someone who may help support and guide you through your passions. We are starting a new chapter in our lives and we can choose to live it without fear and with someone special by our side. Be open to new change and allow yourself to adjust in positive ways. Love yourself!

Playing the Game

Synopsis: “The Carrie Diaries” is a new series that airs on the CW. It is considered to be a pre-quel to “Sex and the City.” This show takes place in 1984 when Carrie was just an innocent sixteen-year-old girl struggling to overcome her mother’s recent death. She goes back and forth from an internship in New York City to her home in suburban Connecticut striving to find out who she is and her purpose in life.

This conversation scene between Carrie and her friend Maggie immediately got my attention:

Maggie: “Yes Walt and I are back together and you know why, because I’m gone. That’s the only way to make a guy interested is to make yourself unavailable. That’s what you should do with Sebastian.”

Carrie: “But I don’t want to play games with Sebastian.”

Maggie: “Then I hope you’re willing to lose.”

ImageWhat are these games we play? Is this what the strategy toward attraction and gaining attention has come down to? Sometimes it is important to distance yourself from a situation you find drawing you in. Mostly, this may act as a protection seal on your vulnerability. On the other hand, this distance may create a boundary- a type of block keeping you from what your goal may really be. Carrie, unsure if believing her friend was the right thing to do, hesitated in playing this game. Is this really the right or effective way to get the guy’s attention of whom she wanted to be with? There may be a time for this “game” and a time where it all needs to end. In the beginning this “chase” may seem to be the way to capture and manifest this new spark, but later on you must drop these games in order to feel and gain security. Honesty is a big part of a successful relationship and if games are involved it may lead to certain drawbacks in communication. As humans, we behave and react the best when we know we are being given a reward after a struggle. When we are faced with something we know we can’t have, shouldn’t have or struggled to obtain we find the end prize that much more appealing. This social psychological approach has been examined through studies on positive reinforcement and other theories in sociology concerning the pursuit of rewards. This may deem to be true, but to what extent do we engage in this game until we actually reach the level of satisfaction we desire? The problem may arise, however, when both parties are attempting this game simultaneously. If a girl distances herself to come off as a higher commodity, and the boy is doing the exact same thing, this approach may serve just the opposite purpose. Therefore, the expression, “two can play at this game,” does not seem to fit in this situation. While playing this game of unavailability may work temporarily, eventually it is crucial to express true feelings for another and aim for honesty. In the end, if we actually want a relationship to work, we need to have trust in another person. More importantly, we need to remember to trust ourselves first. It can be scary to trust ourselves living in a world where each day may bring a scary unknown event to life, but if we do not take that risk we will never know what could have been. In order to achieve true happiness we must be ready to take that chance on ourselves. After all, being able to love, trust, and really know yourself takes priority over a relationship for two.