soul connection

Can you love someone without knowing everything about them?

My answer is yes. I was caught off guard when someone asked me this question. I at first said no you cannot and how much it scares me when men act so into me without knowing anything about me. However, after she asked me again, I realized, wait a minute, I fell in love without knowing everything about someone. I realized you CAN see through a soul when you feel a special connection. It doesn’t happen with just anyone you meet. If you are lucky, you will meet someone that you feel this soul connection to and this pull of positive and loving energy that you are meant to be in each other’s presence’s. It is special when it happens, but how does it happen?

 You can really feel like you know someone, almost like love at first sight. It can be slightly different than “at first sight” and take some time to progress. In that time you may learn of things that person struggles with, but you don’t care, because you know, you just know in your heart of your strong connection. You care so much that you don’t want to change them; you want them with their flaws. In fact, the thought of changing them makes you cringe. You just want them with you and that is enough for you.

The challenge in this is that the other person has to feel that connection back. The other person must reciprocate this love  with you as well and fall hard without hesitation. When two people truly love and care for one another this connection blossoms into a supportive and nurturing partnership. You support and actively help each other achieve passions and desires while temporarily putting your own needs aside. You make the other person feel special and safe as if they are royalty to you. This is different than treating someone as if they are perfect or putting them on a pedestal; It is just loving someone inside and out- A deep love. The fact that you made the other person smile even one time during their day makes your day completely worthwhile. It is when distance may not matter and the security is so strong that you can survive several months on end without even being in the same city. It is a mutual and internal understanding of the way your heart’s energies unite when being together.

Do you still feel like you must know more about another in order to fall hard in love? Yes, I agree, but that comes with time. People unravel into a million different levels and qualities, but it is an energy pull you feel around another that is all and nothing but positive and warm.