Sometimes a special connection is just a lesson

quotes-letting-go-deepak-chopra-480x480There may be a time when you meet another person and it feels as if you can see inside their soul. The connection you feel is full of energy, which feels somewhat familiar to you. Maybe you knew one another in a past life or are supposed to meet again for a purpose. It can feel like chemistry and a comfortable bond that may grow and turn into a romantic relationship. However, overtime, just like any other relationship you see their flaws. You love them anyway, even if you recognize they are not healthy flaws that add to your life. You keep going, but eventually it all comes crashing down…but in a good way. Your eyes are now open to what you chose to ignore before. Instead of a loving connection this was leading you to learning another important lesson. Even without knowing why, deep down in your gut you can understand what you learned from this person. Sometimes all we get is silence and ignorance from another person. The trick to dealing with that? Just accept it as the answer… There is no point in digging around when you can provide that answer for yourself through learning the lesson placed in front of you. Stay strong and move on. You may then reflect and ask yourself:

Why did you attract those flaws in the first place? 

What benefit did this have on showing you how you choose partners?

When we further examine why we make some of the choices we do, we can better understand the patterns we continuously repeat. We are now even stronger than before because we see once more what we have done. We can confront ourselves and agree to make changes that will lead us to a healthy connection.

How may we do this?

You have to figure out what works for you. Can you imagine that things have reasons for why they happen the ways they do and view your life in an optimistic light? If you can truly feel happy by choosing it and knowing in your heart that there is a new healthier and better connection out there for you then allow that door to be open! Open your heart again.. Never give up. Do not let another person’s silence stop you from living out the life you desire. People who matter will fight to stay in your life and make any type of relationship work. It’s up to you to recognize a lesson in negative situations and strive to learn from what you created.

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