Month: September 2015

True Color Camouflage


Sometimes when first getting to know someone, they seem to be showing you their true colors. You want to believe that certain actions they take and behaviors they portray are accurate and direct to their character. This can be difficult since we tend to look for red flags from the beginning to protect ourselves from bad treatment. However, people can be tricky and may put on a “true colors act” where they come across one way and given a week or few weeks they all the sudden really show you who they were hiding. This is extremely disappointing if you develop feelings for someone and they choose to charm you into believing they feel for you too. When this happens you must take a step back because you can only control how you react to this and how you deal with it.

Choose wisely, choose YOU. Live your life, and do things that make you happy.

Unfortunately that person did not care enough or respect you enough to want to continue having you in their life. There is nothing you can really do about this, but move forward. Life will always go on and it will go on the way you live it and feel. You control your own feeelings and you control your own happiness. Never look to another person to fill that void for you because they are just not that special.