Letting Go

Sometimes there comes a moment where we need to decide instantly to do what we have been fearing to do. It can seem that what we want most is the one thing we may do that can turn our whole life perspective around. If your powerful gut is leading you toward making a decision it is probably happening for a reason. There are certain opportunities placed into our paths for a specific purpose. It can be confusing since we must overcome several obstacles keeping us from our goal sometimes only allowing us to see the negative aspects of things. However, that is going to end because after that bad is going to be the opportunity that was destined to be set aside for you. The only way to move forward with growth is to let go of the one thing that is holding you back. In order to stop continuing certain cycles we must make changes within ourselves, behaviors and beliefs. If we don’t stop to acknowledge the growth in ourselves we may become oblivious to the fact that certain relationships or opportunities we took or held onto are in our way. We must let go, let go of what we are holding so tightly onto. After all, symbolically, we are tightly grasping what we are afraid we may not find again, but open doors and new things can only occur when there is room for them. Letting go is a very important step toward success. We must let go of what we think we cannot have anymore if it is causing negative energy all around us.

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