Creating Boundaries: Part II

How do we create boundaries?

Boundaries are created through a strong foundation of self-love.

First, we must be happy with who we are because we must first know how we wish to be treated by others. A lot of us may have “wishes” with how we feel we SHOULD be treated. The difference in this is when we truly respect ourselves we know that there are boundaries we WILL NOT accept and when crossed they become our deal breakers.

Looking back it can seem that things we used to accept from others are now number one deal breakers in our relationships.

Why is this?

Why do we now see that before we had self love we allowed others to just treat us how ever was convenient for them?

That it was ok not to have any hesitation or thought that there should be a boundary line drawn out?

It is important to know what behaviors you will and will not tolerate from others. If we love ourselves, we know what we deserve and what feels right versus wrong. Boundaries are very personal and vary from person to person. Knowing our boundaries can help us seek out healthy relationships we feel comfortable in. No one should ever feel that they have to force their partner to treat them how they want or with respect. If we know our boundaries and voice them we are one step closer to being treated how we desire.

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