Let people unravel


Upon first meeting someone, it’s easy to want to quickly seek out their red flag traits and behaviors. While that is important and wise, people do unravel into a million different levels. Keep awareness and the traits you seek you will not be blinded to. After all, we are just trying to protect ourselves and be ready and strong to walk away when our gut feels something is not right for us. In this process, focus on your goal and the type of energy you wish to surround yourself with. If the person cannot at all provide you with what you deeply desire THEN you can question the situation and take proper actions toward making yourself happy. It’s ok to give people chances, but stay aware, open, optimistic and strong. We are all sensitive to this need of wanting to feel we got to show our authentic selves and must remember to allow others that gift. However, you must let go if you find that person is dragging you down and sucking away your positive energy. Spread your wings and fly far, far away… to a better place!

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